Terms & Conditions

Fares Guarantee: The fares are not guaranteed until the tickets are issued. E ticket will be

Issued for your booking shortly. In case we are not able to issue the E Ticket for your booking, we will get in touch with you through phone or email.

Cancellation: Once confirmed, the booking is completely NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

Changes: Changes to the itinerary will be subject to the payment of a change fee along with the difference in the fares and taxes. Some tickets may be completely non-changeable.

Fares Guarantee: The fares are not guaranteed until the tickets are issued. E ticket will be

Route Changes: Not Permitted.

Reconfirmation: Schedule changes by the airline, weather patterns and other acts of God may affect your flights; therefore, it is recommended that you re-confirm with the airline

Directly 72 hours prior to departure.

Airport Security: Due to security measures we currently recommend you arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure for any international travel and 2 hours prior to departure for domestic travel.

Involuntary Changes: We are not responsible or liable for flight changes made by the airline.

No Show: If a passenger misses or does not show for their flight and does not notify the airline prior to missing or no showing the flight, the passenger assumes all responsibility for any change or cancel fee and/or possible loss of ticket value. This no show policy is an airline enforced rule and at their discretion to determine how they will deal with it. However, most airlines look at no shows as a violation of their ticket policies meaning you forfeit any and all funds paid for the said ticket.

Frequent Flyer Mileage can be accrued on some carriers. Please contact your airline to advise your mileage number.

Visas: Please check with the relevant embassy regarding any visa requirements as we do not deal with any visa/travel related documents. For some countries, you may need a VISA even if you are just transiting. We are not responsible for such restrictions and you must check the same with the relevant embassies.

Passports: It is advisable that your passport must be at least valid for 6 months in advance of the date of your travel. However, restrictions may differ based on your nationality and the country you are visiting. We recommend that you check these details in advance.


We accept credit cards and debit cards issued in the US, Canada and several other countries as listed in the billings section. We also accept AE/AP billing addresses.

Please Note : your credit/debit card may be billed in multiple charges totaling the final total price. If your credit/debit card or another form of payment is not processed or accepted for any reason, we will notify you within 24 hours (it may take longer than 24 hours for non credit/debit card payment methods). Prior to your form of payment being processed and accepted successfully, if there is a change in the price of air fare or any other change, you may be notified of this change and only upon such notification, you have the right to either accept or decline this transaction. If you elect to decline this transaction, you will not be charged.


All credit cards must have a verifiable US, Canadian or other country billing address. To see the list of countries where credit cards are accepted, click the drop menu down on the check-out page.

All bookings and fares are not guaranteed until ticketed by the supplier. For hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages, bookings are not guaranteed unless you receive a confirmation number by email.

When you submit your credit or debit card for a purchase, we request authorization for the amount of your anticipated transaction (placing a temporary "hold" on the funds). If for some reason we are unable to confirm your booking, you will not be charged and we will request that such hold be released by your credit or debit card bank; until then, funds subject to the hold will not be available to you for other purposes.

If your credit card is declined for any reason, we will notify you within 72 hours. Simply submitting the credit card does not automatically guarantee ticketing.

Airlines bears no responsibility in the event your credit or debit card is not approved or charged.

There can be many reasons why your credit or debit card may not have been approved or charged. Examples of these maybe: airline could not confirm the booking, fare increased since payment information was submitted and prior to ticketing; or sufficient funds not available on the credit card. In such instances where the fare may have increased, you will be provided with alternate options and you have the right to cancel the booking at no cost to you. When the booking is ticketed at the cost originally quoted to you the ticket becomes non-refundable and non-cancellable.

Airlines uses stringent safety measures for credit card payment processing. Fraudulent transactions, if any, are reported to airport security, airlines and other federal and state law enforcement.

You agree to be liable for any and all credit card payments and you agree not dispute charges after the purchase has been made and your tickets and/or other products have been delivered by email confirmation or have been shipped to you.

Most credit card transactions over the phone to our Customer Service Department are recorded and are available as evidence in case of any dispute.

Online credit card transactions are authorized at the time a user or anyone acting on their behalf accepts these Terms & Conditions and continues with the purchase.

When certain transactions are determined to be high risk by our systems, we will not process such transactions unless our credit card verification team has determined that it's safe to process them. In order to establish the validity of such transactions, we may contact you or your bank.