Cancellation & Refund Policy

Policies for Cancellations and Refunds

Many locals and guests pay for their travel. Each section's withdrawal terms and fees are computed, and all appointments are automatically requested. All authorized cancellations at are subject to a processing fee. When you confirm your cancellation by email or phone call, Travelbreakz will initiate the cancellation procedure by sending a "reply" to Travelbreakz. When canceling tickets purchased through Travelbreakz, you must adhere to the service provider's specific cancellation policies.

The points are mentioned below –

  • The refund policy does not provide protection for the individual or group traveler who does not arrive and has "no show" tickets.
  • If the tickets match the requirements of the Service Provider, a refund is due.
  • Separate criteria established by the relevant service provider shall apply when making reservations and purchasing products and services on the travel website.
  • You consent to abide by these terms and conditions as well as any applicable service provider's laws, regulations, and usage restrictions as well as to pay for any damages that may result.
  • You are aware that breaking any of these service providers' terms, circumstances, rules, or restraints may result in:

a) You will be denied access to any flights, hotels, goods, or services,

b) default on any money paid for such booking or buy

c) cancel or buy your booking

d) Travelbreakz will debit you on any expenses from your account.

You acknowledge that your use of our travel website will result in fees, taxes, liabilities, and reviews.

If you have purchased any travel packages or vacations with us, you may cancel them within 72 hours of the booking date.

Packages that are subject to special tours and cannot be canceled or requests cannot be processed.

Depending on your reservation and the payment date, you may have to pay for the cancellation. You might wish to get in touch with the customer service representative to find out more about the cost you'd need to pay if you had to cancel or.

Refund Policies

If the customer isn't satisfied, we'll help you get your money back.

You should also be aware that your reservation was canceled within 72 hours and that the reservation you made falls within the category of reservations that can be canceled.

To apply, use a phone number or visit our website. We will take this into account if you email us at any point.

If you can't cancel your order, we can't provide you with refunds. So, you must cancel before asking for refund.

Booking Flights:

Cancellation Procedures

  • Reservation cancellations are only accepted after 24 hours have passed. Additionally, the cancellation is not refundable if it happens within 24 hours.
  • Travel insurance is, however, started up for the fastest reimbursement.
  • But if you need to cancel your reservations, you must call our client service team.
  • For your protection and to avoid any errors or delays of any type, we only process cancellations by phone.

Refund Procedures

  • To cancel, get in touch with our customer service professionals.
  • Orders that have not been placed or cancelled within 24 hours are not eligible for a refund.
  • We do not offer service refunds at the time of booking. One to two weeks will pass after the treatment is complete.

Reimbursement is accepted.

  • Billing for the reimbursement fees that are typically paid per passenger or ticket is optional.
  • If the payment is reimbursed, it will be transferred to the primary payment account.
  • The refund process takes approximately 10 to 15 days to complete
  • In the situation of a disagreement, the airline's word is final.
  • The airlines may periodically reimburse tickets even after a flight has been canceled for more than 24 hours, but we cannot promise or reassure you of that since each airline has its own cancellation and refund policy.

Overbooking issues

Airlines frequently overbook the flight, preventing some passengers from boarding at the time of departure even though they have the opportunity to take the alternate flight. We are not liable for these kind of situations since each airline has its own rules concerning flight reservations. Customers are recommended to get in touch with the airlines and find out what happened. The airline must accept to a refund and, if possible, provide reimbursement if the passenger decides not to board any of the scheduled flights.

Modification of Policies

We Travelbreakz or has the right to change or update the policies at any time and without prior notice. We are aware of its significance because we don't encourage or promote changing the terms or conditions of reservations or purchases. There may be a change in the pricing or no available seating when bookings are made late or fully filled. In such circumstances, Travelbreakz is not liable for the same. To avoid the loss, we advise against altering tour packages or other reservations.